Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The White Hat & Mo Twister - Thanks our fans with P10,000!

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt Fanpage

Promo Mechanics:

1. All White Hat fans are entitled to join the promo. No purchase requirement needed.

2. Once a fan clicks “LIKE” on The White Hat’s Official Facebook Fan Page, he/she is automatically included in the draw.

The White Hat's Official Facebook Fan Page:

3. TWH will conduct a computerized draw once the fans hit 10k and every 10k thereafter.

4. Everyone gets many chances to win:

  • 1 winner of P10,000 cash for the 10,000 fan mark.
  • 2 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 20,000 fan mark.
  • 3 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 30,000 fan mark.
  • 4 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 40,000 fan mark.
  • 5 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 50,000 fan mark.

5. The White Hat fans can only win once.

6. Non-winning fans are still eligible to join and win the cash prize on the succeeding draws.

7. Winners will be randomly chosen through a computerized draw.

8. All Facebook fans and winners must have a valid account.

9. Fans must constantly check The White Hat Italian Yogurt’s Fan Page as the winners will be announced on our Facebook Page.

10. Winners must submit at least 2 valid ID’s upon claiming the prize.

11. Cash Prize will be awarded by DJ Mo Twister and a TWH Representative on a specified date and venue.

12. Unclaimed prizes within 30 days from date of announcement shall be forfeited in favor of The White Hat.

Win 10,000 from The White Hat promo!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hands On Review: Apple iPad 2 | Technoodling

Hands On Review: Apple iPad 2 | Technoodling

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Would You Take Your Soda Stream Giveaway


What are your plans this summer?

I’m sure you’ve cooked up something exciting and can’t wait for the much awaited vacation with family or friends.

Well, I’m about to make your summer more exciting by giving youthe power to make your own soda anywhere in the world because I’m giving away a Soda Stream Starter Kit worth almost Php4,000 today!

Soda Stream is an amazing non-electronic gadget that enables you to make your own Soda. All you need is clean water and the flavoring (which is included in the package) or if you ran out flavoring use your own juice drink for flavoring.

Contents of the Soda Stream Starter kit includes the frizzer, carbon, 2 soda bottles, 2 bottle of orange and cola syrup and sampler syrups.

Just add water, frizz, add soda flavor and gently shake !

Viola! Instant Soda!

Don’t be intimidated by the machine its so easy to use! All instructions are included in the packaging so you don’t have to worry! To learn more about Soda Stream Philippines check out their Facebook page.

I’m so in love with this machine that I’m giving away one for my loyal readers to enjoy.

So, here’s what you should do to win:

Option 1: Answer this question at the comment box below:

“What are your plans for your Soda Stream this summer?”

Option 2: Tweet this:

” I’m gonna have an absolutely cool summer with my homemade soda from Sodastream. Thanks to! #sodastream #earthlingorgeous ”

Option 3: Update your Facebook Status to this:

“I’m gonna have an absolutely cool summer with my homemade soda from Soda Stream. Thanks to Earthlingorgeous!” (please make sure to like and tag Soda Stream and Earthlingorgeous Facebook pages for your entry to be valid!)

Option 4: Blog about this giveaway!

Blog about this giveaway
Make sure to link back to this post
Post URL of your blog entry in the comment box
Answer, tweet, FB, or blog! That’s it!

What are you waiting for join now!

This giveaway is open for 3 days only (starting today March 31, 2011 to April 2, 2011 12mn) so join now!

Because the items have fragile contents (carbon and syrups) this contest is open for those who can claim their prize in person with me on April 3 at SM Megamall (2-5PM) or April 7 at SM Makati (5-7PM) .

Please fill up this form if you intend to join the giveaway. FILL UP THIS FORM (click click!) Thank you! (not required but will appreciate if you can

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a while

whoo!! it's really been a long time since i posted.. the more I wanted to keep my blogs alive and to update my readers about may day to day agendas.. my time isn't just enough. I even have to catch up on my scraps... I missed so many important events.. and for now I would like to share my layout last christmas.. It is the first time that my in-laws would be visiting us for christmas... so I have prepared something for them.. just hope they did like it.. hehehe

preparing carbonara for my in-laws :D

with the Lacson Family

with my mom and the Lacsons'

credits to christmas convoy 2008 blogtrain
Alpha by Amilyn and KayJay's Days, journal by queenbrat, frame by LouCee

Friday, February 6, 2009

After the test, have you learned your lesson???

Last week has been a long week for me, I had to finish a wedding layout and I had received some harsh comments which really hurt my feelings, although I really wanted to burst into anger - I am thankful that I didn't, God has been dealing with me and I can proudly say that I think I am maturing in my spiritual Life, I have set aside my personal pride and though my old sinful nature wanted to burst out and answer back! I have managed to calm myself and chose to keep silent.

This week has been a week of meditation and self evaluation, how do my Christian life affects my fellow Christians and most specially the non-Christians around me, Is my testimony enough to lead others to Christ? or even my fellow Christians consider me as a stumbling block? Dealing with attitude is I think the most difficult to handle.

This week I have learned the danger and the damage a tongue can make, guarding every words that come out of my mouth. "I have asked God to “set a guard” over my mouth and “keep watch over the door” of my lips (Psalm 141:3). I wish that every words I say promote life, and not destruction because what we say affects others. “There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword,” says Proverbs 12:18. But what we may overlook is the effect our reckless words have on us. When we gossip, or when we malign others, our words begin to ruin us, for we gratify the evil that is in us and strengthen it until it overthrows us".

This week I have asked the Lord, how come after so many years, I still have to experience this similar predicament? 10 years ago when I was a new Christian, (I was still a young people then) I have been accused of something I didn't do, I have received harsh comments and statements, I heard gossips about me, Is that the way to nourish a baby Christian in Faith? Looking back, reminiscing all the pains, the rocky roads, the stumbling blocks which God has put into my way ---- I have won the battles. But I have to ask the second time, after all those experiences and tests, have I learned my lesson??? So that is why - God is molding my character close to perfection - close to Christ-like character.

Let me share with you this devotional I have read:

It's been estimated that a talkative person may speak 30,000 words a day! But the important question is, how do our words, whether many or few, affect others?

A Greek philosopher asked his servant to cook the best dish possible. The servant, who was very wise, prepared a dish of tongue, saying, "It's the best of all dishes, for it reminds us that we may use the tongue to bless and express happiness, dispel sorrow, remove despair, and spread cheer."

Later the servant was asked to cook the worst dish possible. Again, he prepared a dish of tongue, saying, "It's the worst dish, for it reminds us that we may use the tongue to curse and break hearts, destroy reputations, create strife, and set families and nations at war."

We don't have to eat tongue to grasp that servant's point. But we may have to "eat our own words" quite often before we learn to avoid saying things we'd like to retract. Solomon wrote: "The tongue of the wise promotes health" (Proverbs 12:18). It affirms and encourages others. The key word in that verse isn't tongue but wise. The tongue is not in control, but the person behind it is.

If you want your tongue to build people up and not tear them down, ask God to make you wise. -- J. Yoider

A wise old bird sat on an oak—
The more he saw the less he spoke,
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Lord, make me like that wise old bird. —Anon.

Wisdom is knowing when to speak your mind
and when to mind your speech.

but after all those hurts I had, God has still a consolation, I have receive this blog award - which made me smile despite my dismay.. Just would like to share it with you

and here's the Valentine kit entry I participated in:

should you wish to download this kit, just leave me a message or a comment with your email address