Sunday, April 10, 2011

The White Hat & Mo Twister - Thanks our fans with P10,000!

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt Fanpage

Promo Mechanics:

1. All White Hat fans are entitled to join the promo. No purchase requirement needed.

2. Once a fan clicks “LIKE” on The White Hat’s Official Facebook Fan Page, he/she is automatically included in the draw.

The White Hat's Official Facebook Fan Page:

3. TWH will conduct a computerized draw once the fans hit 10k and every 10k thereafter.

4. Everyone gets many chances to win:

  • 1 winner of P10,000 cash for the 10,000 fan mark.
  • 2 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 20,000 fan mark.
  • 3 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 30,000 fan mark.
  • 4 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 40,000 fan mark.
  • 5 winners of P10,000 cash each for the 50,000 fan mark.

5. The White Hat fans can only win once.

6. Non-winning fans are still eligible to join and win the cash prize on the succeeding draws.

7. Winners will be randomly chosen through a computerized draw.

8. All Facebook fans and winners must have a valid account.

9. Fans must constantly check The White Hat Italian Yogurt’s Fan Page as the winners will be announced on our Facebook Page.

10. Winners must submit at least 2 valid ID’s upon claiming the prize.

11. Cash Prize will be awarded by DJ Mo Twister and a TWH Representative on a specified date and venue.

12. Unclaimed prizes within 30 days from date of announcement shall be forfeited in favor of The White Hat.

Win 10,000 from The White Hat promo!