Sunday, July 27, 2008

this sucksss

this is totally getting into my nerves. I'm tired of this.. it's like I've been editing and layouting my page for almost 3 days now and what???.... everything was in place and before I knew it the next time i log on it was totally un-aligned and ruined... now I give up.. I don't know what seems to be the problem, my script was running perfectly before I leave last night and now when i log on.. the same problem again..... =(

what's the matter... arggh

aw!! what is the problem with my template??? in the beginning everything was fine and aligned how come as I progress through my revisions on the layout it turned out to be a disaster in the end... just like this tags on the side. they won't load although i have resized it to smaller size and sometimes just moves over to the left so it leaves the texts out of place..... please help me.. how to I edit this layout.... I'm getting tired of loading and editing.. and adjusting.. please please please

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Templates

I'm getting tired editing my blogger template.. my previous layout was ruined and I don't know what happened.. so i have to find another one and re-edit everything.. although I'm not that satisfied with this layout.. but so far.. it's better than none, right.. It's 2:43 in the morning.. I have to go to bed now.. I have lots to do tomorrow.. errands like tarpaulin printing which is supposedly should have been printed this day.. but they keep telling that their's a typhoon so I have to stay at home if I don't want to be stranded out.. hahaha.. but apparently it didnt rained.. (sobs..) well, that's it for now.. no layout to share today.. bye!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Editing my template

whow!! it's 2:46 am!! and I havent made the result I wanted to have for my blog template... I wonder where all those artists get their templates... it's so hard to edit HTML.. anyway.. as of now my new layout is fine.. I'll be fixing it again some other time!! have to go to bed now .. I'm sleepy.. bye bye for now..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back to scrappin' agen'

hello!! it's a terrific tuesday!! I am renewed at the start of the week... back to scrapping my old pics again.. I am motivating myself to create my own kits, I would also like to share my works with you and hopefully by august I can make this plans done.. wait for further annoncement regarding that matter but for now here's my layout..

credits: fizzy pop kit - AWP, staple - ABC delf scrap - so happy kit, font - Mandingo

Sunday, July 20, 2008

oh oww it's sunday!!

hello everyone!! I don't know what am I doing in front of my computer typing this blog!! haha , it's 12:30 am, and it's a sunday!!! I should be sleeping early now for our sunday worship.. and I'll be having my special number.. I hope I can perform well this time.. I'm getting frustrated with the result of my performances.. I keep on practicing but always fail to apply what i've practiced.. (let's just wait and see what's the result this time.. hee heee!!)

atlast I finish my work this week, I'm done with my last wedding layout. This week's really tiring, time really flies so fast, we had our computer maintenance for our Computer shop coz it was giving us a headache everyday... 4 more computers to go and we're done!! We'll be finishing that next week... oh I mean tomorrow (tomorrow's monday =O)

ok, I would like to share with you my layouts for this day.. (for almost 3 weeks now, I haven't made any layouts, since I was super busy...=) )

this pic was taken last year, before our mommy ninang and daddy ninong leaves for arizona to be with ninang liezl and ninong Jerry's whole family for christmas (by the way ninang liezl is their daughter, also our sponsors on our wedding, hehe), I can see how excited they were after arriving at the airport, hours before their flight!! wow they had a white christmas last year!! (I'm envious ...)

while this one was taken February of 2007, they are my elementary friends!! We havent seen each other for more than 14 years now, and we decided to go out, catch up and have a reunion!! although it was only the 4 of us (others didnt make it) it was really fun like our stories and never ending!!! It was so amazing that although we havent met for so many years, there's no awkward moment, it was like we're back on our elementary days!!! I love you guys.. and now I miss you na!!! hehehe

credits: Remarkable Mini, calalily journal, AWP - About a boy, tape - peace love and happiness, AWP - Pink Coffee, Shabby Princess, Bethany, AWP - Dandelion Dream

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Night

aww time fleets so fast and it's saturday... I have to go to bed early for tomorrow's sunday worship =) still conditioning myself for my wedding layout due next week (oh no!!!) I have to take a break downloading this kits and time for work first..

I've been editing my friendster account profile and my blogger layout =) also my desktop themes!! hehehe so here's my wallpaper designs for my website and for my beloved room PC (since I haven't left my PC for days trying to cure this file threatening viruses (sobs...) that's it for now... while I'm waiting for my customers to finish their time I'm signing off for now... bye byezzz