Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a while

whoo!! it's really been a long time since i posted.. the more I wanted to keep my blogs alive and to update my readers about may day to day agendas.. my time isn't just enough. I even have to catch up on my scraps... I missed so many important events.. and for now I would like to share my layout last christmas.. It is the first time that my in-laws would be visiting us for christmas... so I have prepared something for them.. just hope they did like it.. hehehe

preparing carbonara for my in-laws :D

with the Lacson Family

with my mom and the Lacsons'

credits to christmas convoy 2008 blogtrain
Alpha by Amilyn and KayJay's Days, journal by queenbrat, frame by LouCee

Friday, February 6, 2009

After the test, have you learned your lesson???

Last week has been a long week for me, I had to finish a wedding layout and I had received some harsh comments which really hurt my feelings, although I really wanted to burst into anger - I am thankful that I didn't, God has been dealing with me and I can proudly say that I think I am maturing in my spiritual Life, I have set aside my personal pride and though my old sinful nature wanted to burst out and answer back! I have managed to calm myself and chose to keep silent.

This week has been a week of meditation and self evaluation, how do my Christian life affects my fellow Christians and most specially the non-Christians around me, Is my testimony enough to lead others to Christ? or even my fellow Christians consider me as a stumbling block? Dealing with attitude is I think the most difficult to handle.

This week I have learned the danger and the damage a tongue can make, guarding every words that come out of my mouth. "I have asked God to “set a guard” over my mouth and “keep watch over the door” of my lips (Psalm 141:3). I wish that every words I say promote life, and not destruction because what we say affects others. “There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword,” says Proverbs 12:18. But what we may overlook is the effect our reckless words have on us. When we gossip, or when we malign others, our words begin to ruin us, for we gratify the evil that is in us and strengthen it until it overthrows us".

This week I have asked the Lord, how come after so many years, I still have to experience this similar predicament? 10 years ago when I was a new Christian, (I was still a young people then) I have been accused of something I didn't do, I have received harsh comments and statements, I heard gossips about me, Is that the way to nourish a baby Christian in Faith? Looking back, reminiscing all the pains, the rocky roads, the stumbling blocks which God has put into my way ---- I have won the battles. But I have to ask the second time, after all those experiences and tests, have I learned my lesson??? So that is why - God is molding my character close to perfection - close to Christ-like character.

Let me share with you this devotional I have read:

It's been estimated that a talkative person may speak 30,000 words a day! But the important question is, how do our words, whether many or few, affect others?

A Greek philosopher asked his servant to cook the best dish possible. The servant, who was very wise, prepared a dish of tongue, saying, "It's the best of all dishes, for it reminds us that we may use the tongue to bless and express happiness, dispel sorrow, remove despair, and spread cheer."

Later the servant was asked to cook the worst dish possible. Again, he prepared a dish of tongue, saying, "It's the worst dish, for it reminds us that we may use the tongue to curse and break hearts, destroy reputations, create strife, and set families and nations at war."

We don't have to eat tongue to grasp that servant's point. But we may have to "eat our own words" quite often before we learn to avoid saying things we'd like to retract. Solomon wrote: "The tongue of the wise promotes health" (Proverbs 12:18). It affirms and encourages others. The key word in that verse isn't tongue but wise. The tongue is not in control, but the person behind it is.

If you want your tongue to build people up and not tear them down, ask God to make you wise. -- J. Yoider

A wise old bird sat on an oak—
The more he saw the less he spoke,
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Lord, make me like that wise old bird. —Anon.

Wisdom is knowing when to speak your mind
and when to mind your speech.

but after all those hurts I had, God has still a consolation, I have receive this blog award - which made me smile despite my dismay.. Just would like to share it with you

and here's the Valentine kit entry I participated in:

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Hard Cash Kit Part 2

Good evening everyone! I know you're waiting for the second part of the downloads which is the elements --- I would be posting the last part early next week since tomorrow, sadly I would'nt be around, I will be attending a 50th birthday dinner party and we are asked to cover for their photo and video!! I know I know, it's another career we are trying to pursue!! lolz!! -- - and yes, before I forget I have to practice -- I am also invited to sing tomorrow night hahaha .. I would'nt let you wait more here is the preview and below are the links to the downloads

Elements Part 2
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Enjoy - see you next week for the last part!

I will be participating in Feb's Valentine Blog Train!! whoohoo

Hello girls! I am very excited! I am accepted to be a part of a huge Blog Train that will take off this february! The Valentine Blog Train!I am getting all the inspiration I can get to be able share my first ever blog train contribution!!! whoohoo!! I think I am very close to being an official scrapbook designer, don't you think?? haha!! but before that I have prepared a wonderful kit for all of you, I am making myself busy this past weeks about all the ways to make money online -- yep! that's the reason why I have this freebie a little late,while doing so - I realized that making money is a hard work! lolz! whether being a regular employee to being a proprietor! I'ts all the same - wish me luck on my online money making ventures, ok?? ROFL!!! so todays kit is named Cold Hard Cash!! hehehe and to make it more exciting I would be posting it on 3 parts, so for today's download I have here the papers! and of course the preview of the whole kit - so you won't miss any downloads!!

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Papers Part 1
Papers Part 2
Papers Part 3
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goodnight! and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ride-all-you-can at Starcity! Is it worth it???

Star City is one of the best Amusement Park here in the Philippines - - - I myself believes that too - It was before I thought Enchanted Kingdom should be chosen before Star City - but I can say with all the improvements and additional rides Star City have - your ride-all-you-can here is worth it!! so lately, Star City is gaining more popularity than Enchanted Kingdom - which I think Star City is abusing specially during the Holiday Season.
Some decisions can be real frustrating.. last January 2, 2009. My hubby decided that we go for starcity together with his family instead of a picnic at tagaytay (the weather that time is really cold). We left late since we have no choice but to accommodate customers that day at our shop. His sister told him that they wanted to go home, maybe because they have been waiting for more than 2 hours, but he insisted that they wait patiently since we are on our way. After arriving at starcity, we can see a flock of people at the entrance, there were long lines on the cashier, eager to enter despite the continous coming of different families who wanted to enjoy the new year at an amusement park. We thought that after arriving we would just be paying our entrance fees, but i am dismayed...
We decided on a 2 "RIDE-ALL-YOU-CAN" and 3 entrance fee since 3 cheers are for 3 rides only why not go for a ride-all-you-can with a P50.00-peso price difference . I decided not to go for a ride-all-you-can since it would cost us too much already. After paying - I am relieved! I thought Finally! we were able to enter! but just a few steps away , we can already see the last person falling in line just to enter the dino and snow world. --- so how long will it takes before we can finally enter??
so we tried to see the other rides with short lines.. atlast! we're lucky enough to enter the Peterpan's Adventures - but instead of having our niece enjoy the adventure she was frightened with the dummy characters inside!! hahaha... so we started looking for some rides again...
We wanted Aya (my hubby's niece) to enjoy our stay so they went for a playground for toddlers (also inside starcity) for almost 20 minutes i guess... after that - there is no single ride available - we tried to go for a bump car - we're almost halfway - which took us almost 30mins waiting for a 3mins ride when my sister in law finally blurted that they wanted to go home (oh wow!! haha) Aya is asleep and she wanted to give her comfort by heading home.
My foosteps are hard - heading to the exit - with 2 ride-all-you-can tickets which in the end were not even used to ride not even three rides - this is really frustrating. We waisted our money - we haven't enjoyed it since there were so many people in the park that you even bump with one another just by walking on the hallways. long queing on rides - most probably it would take you 30-45mins falling in line for a very short 3-minute ride so that they can accomodate everybody.
I can say that STARCITY IS A CHEAT! they should'nt be selling unlimited ride-all-you-can tickets to its customers when they have reached such number of visitors. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! or atleast they would inform their customers that ride-all-you-can tickets cannot be accomodated any longer! it is to the customers choice if they still insisted on getting one despite the warning, right?
STARCITY should also know their park's capacity! the place is totally full packed! I even thought I was walking along divisoria! it is such a waste.
I think I should frame that wrist ticket from star city!