Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ride-all-you-can at Starcity! Is it worth it???

Star City is one of the best Amusement Park here in the Philippines - - - I myself believes that too - It was before I thought Enchanted Kingdom should be chosen before Star City - but I can say with all the improvements and additional rides Star City have - your ride-all-you-can here is worth it!! so lately, Star City is gaining more popularity than Enchanted Kingdom - which I think Star City is abusing specially during the Holiday Season.
Some decisions can be real frustrating.. last January 2, 2009. My hubby decided that we go for starcity together with his family instead of a picnic at tagaytay (the weather that time is really cold). We left late since we have no choice but to accommodate customers that day at our shop. His sister told him that they wanted to go home, maybe because they have been waiting for more than 2 hours, but he insisted that they wait patiently since we are on our way. After arriving at starcity, we can see a flock of people at the entrance, there were long lines on the cashier, eager to enter despite the continous coming of different families who wanted to enjoy the new year at an amusement park. We thought that after arriving we would just be paying our entrance fees, but i am dismayed...
We decided on a 2 "RIDE-ALL-YOU-CAN" and 3 entrance fee since 3 cheers are for 3 rides only why not go for a ride-all-you-can with a P50.00-peso price difference . I decided not to go for a ride-all-you-can since it would cost us too much already. After paying - I am relieved! I thought Finally! we were able to enter! but just a few steps away , we can already see the last person falling in line just to enter the dino and snow world. --- so how long will it takes before we can finally enter??
so we tried to see the other rides with short lines.. atlast! we're lucky enough to enter the Peterpan's Adventures - but instead of having our niece enjoy the adventure she was frightened with the dummy characters inside!! hahaha... so we started looking for some rides again...
We wanted Aya (my hubby's niece) to enjoy our stay so they went for a playground for toddlers (also inside starcity) for almost 20 minutes i guess... after that - there is no single ride available - we tried to go for a bump car - we're almost halfway - which took us almost 30mins waiting for a 3mins ride when my sister in law finally blurted that they wanted to go home (oh wow!! haha) Aya is asleep and she wanted to give her comfort by heading home.
My foosteps are hard - heading to the exit - with 2 ride-all-you-can tickets which in the end were not even used to ride not even three rides - this is really frustrating. We waisted our money - we haven't enjoyed it since there were so many people in the park that you even bump with one another just by walking on the hallways. long queing on rides - most probably it would take you 30-45mins falling in line for a very short 3-minute ride so that they can accomodate everybody.
I can say that STARCITY IS A CHEAT! they should'nt be selling unlimited ride-all-you-can tickets to its customers when they have reached such number of visitors. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! or atleast they would inform their customers that ride-all-you-can tickets cannot be accomodated any longer! it is to the customers choice if they still insisted on getting one despite the warning, right?
STARCITY should also know their park's capacity! the place is totally full packed! I even thought I was walking along divisoria! it is such a waste.
I think I should frame that wrist ticket from star city!