Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ADC Regional Talentfest - a success and a failure...

hello, I know this is kind of late but as usual, I got busy with so many stuff... I got a chance to layout our Talentfest just recently, and now I have the time to share it with you guys too!!

This year's talentfest is another heartbreak for us! We started practicing months before, scheduled practices during workdays, and some of us including me and my hubby even skipped work just to give time to this year's fight.. some of the results are real frustrating.. sometimes I think that, are these people we call christians are real christians?? huh? We came here, not merely to fight for medals and certificates but one reason we do this is to glorify God.. but have we really glorified God?? Are we that thirsty to have such titles forcefully? not even taking into consideration, others' feelings?, or shall I say : the feelings of our brothers and sisters in the Lord?.. Come on! Let's grow up and I hope next year's fight would be fair!! Beat us! but beat us in a fair manner! and hope to see a christian-like attitude naman, ha?? hehehe

Still.. we are the champions! whether you liked it or not!! ok! so without further ado... here it is..

Note: more layouts to be uploaded soon! with my pre-layout page freebie!!.

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