Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

hello! I am striving to make another freebie for all of you before this year ends.. it's been a while since my last post... there's a lot of things to do these past days.. the last minute shopping!! (as if I have a lot to shop! hee hee!!) last week, We have been very busy preparing our surprise video for our pastor! A month ago, I told one of our church workers that I am planning of taking a video of our church members' birthday greetings to our pastor: they have to describe him in one word or an adjective that best describes him, secondly they have to say what is the most memorable teaching they have heard on our pastor's preachings and how they have applied it on their lives and thirdly! of course their birthday greetings in one sentence!! hee hee. Me and my hubby is really glad that we were able to finish the video.. although we didn't make it on our morning service (aw.. sads) we still manage to make it on our afternoon fellowship. It's our year-ender party... there's a lot to prepare and look forward to for the coming year!! Hope He liked what we have prepared for him.

Christmas this year is different... different because my in-laws atlast! found the time to visit us! my hubby's christmas is complete since we were able to celebrate it with his family.. I prepared carbonara for them (I'm not really good at cooking... well... atleast I've tried my best right!! hehehe) although I'm not sure wether they liked it or not.. (there's a lot of leftovers.. awww)

Ok! that is me.. trying to look like a pro!! hahaha LOLz.. I really have to ask my hubby to take some photos of me while cooking! feeling like a chef! hehehe. And that's our new gas range! (whoo I think I have to take a good shot on that next time!) that comes with a range hood too, but we haven't installed it yet. our old tecnogas gas range have to bid goodbye after its 25years of service to us (whoa!!) we bought that 3 weeks ago! Another blessing, not to brag about but to thank the Lord for!!

and because I am very thankful for this holiday season, here's my last christmas kit for all of you! Yuletide Traditions! :) I love the frame!! weee hope you enjoy it! BUT BEFORE THAT

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I would like to end this year reading your wonderful comments!
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Kez Creates said...

thank you! very pretty!

Anonymous said...
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Franny said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you

Franny said...
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MemoryKeeper said...

Your blog totally ROCKS! I would love to learn how you did that! Thanks for the freebie!

Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,

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Franny said...
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