Friday, December 19, 2008

what's keeping me busy

I am very happy! finally I have my first 2 albums finished, I think I will give myself some break from this layouting jobs.. hahaha... I need to focus on my online money making goals.. I have to make this blog alive!! just what my cyber friend's latest blog post is all about! but what can I do.. I am not really a writer, I had this blog all because of my passion in digital scrapbooking! I thought having thousands of traffic is hard.. but not hard at all! very very hard!! hehehe.. I hope I can be a good designer and later on be known in the scrapbooking world. and I think while waiting for that I need more practice huh? lol!
ok I'll be back later.. my mom and I will be doing some shopping.. heehee.....

when I'm back I'll be posting some of my layouts on wedding and debut.. winkzz