Monday, December 8, 2008

Despite my dismay still a freebie

Ok, I just got my credit card a month ago, it was a surprise cause although I was wishing I could apply for a credit card I didn't even bother filing an application for it.. I got a mail encouraging me to get one the next day I got an authorization letter to finally accept the card and the following day I got my card! whoa! very fast huh?

I've been praying for wisdom from God, when I first knew about this scrapbooking sites selling goodies online, I wished to be a designer myself specifically on digital scrapbooks and wanted to create my own kits and eventually sell it! Just like other designers do! I 've signed up on paypal.. asked questions from my friends about online selling and other stuffs and prayed for God's wisdom. There's so many online scams I've read about and I'm getting precautions so I would'nt get scammed myself (haha who would want to get scammed right?)

I've read about online selling, studied how to sell online.. and practiced designing! and while waiting, I've created this blogs and websites preparing myself for what I wish to do. I've joined contests and challenges to exercise my skills and ability to design... I'm still not so prepared for this and finally! here it is! I got my credit card instantly.. should I say this is God's answer to my prayers?? I could'nt measure God's faithfulness! He is superb!

I've figured it out how'd they do that!! LOLz!! how to put a "buy now", "pay now", "donate" buttons on my blogs and websites!! (although for some you would say it's chicken! even a first grader can do that! but in my country where technology is kinda late, It's one great achievement.. hahaha) I'm really getting excited! I'm looking forward to more of what God would do!

Yes, I am happy but kind of a little frustated about my issues on online purchases.. I'm getting so much transaction errors.. and still figuring out what could be the problem.. and I'm a little confused why my freebies aren't getting as of now I've prepared a little freebie for you! Mariah's FAQ states that it could be because of my blog feed, I've checked my settings and I think it was fine.. so now to test wether the problem is on my part I decided to post this freebie for you today! nice one huh?? haha..we'll here's my first wordart .. I hope you can use it to your layouts.. enjoy!

just click on the image to download! I would love to read all your comments please leave some love as you snag it!


Christian said...

Hi, This is Christian from "Blood boiler". I just want to thank you for visiting my site. I just started that last December 5 out my desperation to earn from blogging :)

You have a very good site, good traffic and a lot of sponsors. How did you do that? Nag pro-program ka rin be? Ganda ng mga pictures mo na inspired tuloy akong mag dagdag ng picture sa site ko, kaso puro pictures ng baby ko lang meron ako... i don't think it will complement my post about money making online he he he

I'll be more glad to be your follower too. Happy posting ang have a nice day!

maldito said...

Matagal tagal ka na rin pala sa blogging. I hope don't mind me asking...Somehow, kumita ka na ba dito? Swerte ko pa rin pala nangpayagan ako ng Adsense. Kasi i think on the third day ko sya ni request e. Sensya na talagang bago lang ako sa ganitong linya. What exactly yung us site na sponsor mo? kasi mukhang di ko nga makita sa site mo. Nga pala, i wish to follow this blog pero di ko makita yung "follow this blog" botton :)

Anonymous said...
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Rubypat said...

Well, despite all your concerns, you DID it! I hope your venture is a success. Thank you for the Word Art. I think quotes just finish a page so nicely, and I'm not very good at them myself, so thank you very much.

Simone said...

Blessings sent to you, Thanks for sharing!

Pattycakes said...

Love the wordart, thank you for sharing it with us! Good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

bhe, if you want to sell products online you should have a shopping cart (e-commerce site) to post items and accept payments. gusto mo bili ka sakin ng software hehehe yan ang work ko dito. or you have another option, program your website pero madugong magcode nyan hehehe.. you should integrate your site to paypal pa.. just my two cents.. :p